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Three types of manuscripts may be submitted:

  1. Regular articles
  2. Short Communications
  3. Review articles


All pages must be numbered and double-spaced.

Title Page should specify title, authors, the corresponding author's e-mail address

The Abstract should be self-contained followed by 3 to 10 key words.



In the text examples: Akash (2011), Akash et al. (2009)


Listed at the end of the paper:


Akash, M.W. 2011. Modeling and maximizing AFLP pre-amplification yield using response surface methodology with covariate. International Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment. 9: 1114-1147.


Al-Abdallat, A., H. Al-Debei, M.W. Akash, S. Misbeh, and A. Kvarnheden. 2011. Complete nucleotide sequences and construction of infectious clones of two Jordanian isolates of tomato yellow leaf curl virus. Jordan Journal of Agriculture Sciences. 7:273-283.


Abu-Amer, J.H., H.M. Saoub, M.W. Akash, and A.M. Al-Abdallat. 2011. Genetic and phenotypic variation among faba bean landraces and cultivars. International Journal of Vegetable Science. 17: 45-59.


Akash, M.W. 2010. Identifying QTL controlling kernel color in barley. Journal of Crop Improvement. 24: 219-227.


Ghaleb, W. Sh., J. S. Sawwan, M.W. Akash, and A. M. Al-Abdallat. 2010. In vitro response of two citrus rootstocks to salt stress. International Journal of Fruit Science. 10: 40-53.


Akash, M.W., M.S. Kang, and G.O. Myers. 2009. GGE-biplot analysis of wheat cultivars evaluated in a multi-environment trial. Journal of New Seeds. 10: 88-97.

Myers, G.O., B. Jiang, M.W. Akash, A. Badigannavar and S. Saha. 2009. Chromosomal assignment of AFLP markers in Upland Cotton. Euphytica. 165: 391- 399.



Submission of a manuscript implies that the manuscript has not been published and that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

When the manuscript is accepted for publication, the authors agree to transfer the copyright to Modern-Journals.


Review Process:

All manuscripts are reviewed by the members of Editorial Board or any other expert referee(s) chosen by the Editor-in-chief.




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