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General and specific combining abilities and RAPD marker-trait associations in cotton genotypes


G.A.R. El-Sherbeny1, A.G.A. Khaled1*, A.E.M. Eissa2 and El-A. Y. El-Samman2


1Department of Genetics, Faculty of Agriculture, Sohag University, 82786 Sohag, Egypt.

2Cotton Research Institute, Agriculture Research Centre, Giza, Egypt.

*Corresponding author (e-mail:



Gene action, heritabilities, and genetic variability were studied in seven promising genotypes of cotton. The results indicated that estimates of h2b.s % were larger than those h2n.s% for yield and its component traits which ranged from 59.15 to 98.77% for lint index and boll weight traits, respectively. While, estimates of h2n.s% ranged from 8.68 to 58.33% for lint index and number of bolls per plant traits, respectively. For fiber quality traits, the values of h2b.s% also were larger than those h2n.s%, which were 63.08, 92.42, 94.01 and 95.25 % for fiber fineness, fiber strength and length, and uniformity ratio, respectively. The percent of polymorphism among genotypes ranged from 16.67% to 75.00% with an average of 47.21%.  The PIC values for the 10 RAPD primers varied from 0.07 to 0.33 with an average of 0.20. The Marker index values ranged from 0.07 to 1.32 for primer OPA-10 and OPAT-08, respectively with an average of 0.54. The results of RAPD markers, revealed similarity coefficient values ranged from 60.8% (P2 and T3) to 91.1% (P4 and T1) with an average of 75.7%. The UPGMA cluster analysis based on the RAPD markers separated the studied genotypes into four different clusters, but the dendrogram based on phenotypic data separated the cotton genotypes into 2 groups. Correlation between the morphological traits and RAPD markers was negative and significant (r = -0.36434 at α=0.05). Twenty five polymorphic RAPDs were screened using single marker analysis, and 2 markers of them were significant associated with 3 phenotypic traits.


Keywords: cotton (Gossypium barbadense L.), Additive, Dominance, RAPD markers, Correlation







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